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Why Project Management Software?

We have discussed implementing project management software, some of the benefits of it, and other related topics. I got to thinking, why use project management software? What are the fundamental, down and dirty, day to day issues that warrant making an investment with time, money, and resources in project management software?

Let's explore that. And I would love some help from you. What are some of the issues that you face now or have faced that may or may not be solved with project management software? Send those to me at blog@teaminteractions.com.

Let me define the term "project management software" for our purposes. With this term, I am referring to software that is specifically designed to manage projects. I am NOT referring to other tools (such as spreadsheets) that COULD be used to manage projects. The software could be simple, complex, in the middle (see categories), but fundamentally it was conceived to manage projects.

Why discuss this? Because sometimes it is hard to get past marketing hype, stated benefits, industry trends, etc. Implementing project management software takes a commitment. You don't just magically turn it on and all of a sudden achieve these fantastic benefits. It takes effort. It takes time. It takes resources. And usually it takes money. It's important to discuss why one would do this? What are the reasons? Are there real benefits that companies have experienced? Sure, but what are they?

In my next post I'll discuss the simple issue of having too many projects to manage.

Send your ideas to me at blog@teaminteractions.com and I'll add some of those to the list.



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