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Five Things Project Management Software Can't Do

IStock_000000418676Small_2Do I think that project management software is valuable?  Yes, when implemented with a good process.  Implementing project management software will not solve all of your problems.  It can do a nice job of supporting your solutions, processes, and objectives.  But let's be sure we understand some things that it cannot do.  Here is my top five list:

1.  Project management software cannot enter data.  Your people still need to enter in actual data.  You have to make sure the data input is clear and relevant, and hold people accountable for entering in correct data.

2.  Project management software cannot make decisions.  You have to make decisions.  But project management software can provide you with the information to make informed decisions.

3.  Project management software cannot automate your entire operation.  Unless you have a very large budget for a very large, complicated system, you will still need to do some manual activities in the system.  It can automate some routine, mundane tasks (i.e. sending out notifications and producing reports), but it will not take the place of someone directing the operation.

4.  Project management software cannot eliminate the crazy report requests your boss makes.  But it can make it easier to pull the information needed for those crazy report requests.

5.  Project management software does not mean you don't need anyone to track your schedules.  Schedules do not magically appear in good format so that informed decisions can be made.  Someone needs to make sure they are being entered correctly, reports are setup correctly, etc.  Project management software can make this much, much easier so that you don't need to spend as much time chasing down and dissemanating information, but you cannot eliminate the need altogether.




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