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4 Quick Thoughts on Buy-In for Project Management Software Tools and Processes

IStock_000004563504X_web Following up on my last post on how much buy-in is necessary for a successful project management software tool roll out, a question remains: how do you achieve buy-in?  This is not an easy question, but here are four quick thoughts on how to go about it:

1.  Accept the buy-in that you can get.

In other words, be content to start small.  You may not get the home run, organization-wide buy-in right away.  Start where you can and prove your ideas.

2.  Plant seeds.

Sometimes an organization is just simply not ready yet.  But you can plant seeds in a professional, courteous, and tactful way.  Forward an article you read as an idea for something in the future.  Let someone see the results you are getting in your own small area.

3.  Bide your time.

Sometimes the timing is just not right.  Perhaps there are too many things going on for the organization to buy-in right now.  Bide your time.  At some point, an event is going to occur which will put the organization in a better position to be open to your ideas.  Perhaps a new, key manager comes in who is more open to the idea, or perhaps a major failure occurs and there is a call to action.  You never know when or how quickly things can turn.

4.  Be prepared.

Know what you want to pitch and how to pitch it.  Show what you are accomplishing in your own area.  Show what other organizations have achieved.  Have a process mapped out for how it could be done.  Be prepared for the right time.



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