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I attended the Chick-Fil-A Leadercast last week.  It was a great time to indulge in the topic of leadership in our lives and our organizations.  Although this is a project "tools" blog, if you will permit me I will share something I gleaned from the event.

Frans Johansson spoke on the topic of innovation.  Innovation is tremendously important in today's organizations.  We must innovate or we fall behind.  It doesn't matter what our situation - whether we are responsible for developing products for external customers, or whether we are behind the scenes serving our "internal customers."  Even personally, we must continue to pursue innovative ideas and try innovative things.

One key point that Frans made was that many innovations are not brilliant ideas, but simply the result of trying more ideas. Why?  Because we are horrible at predicting which ideas will work.  People kept trying ideas until they found one that worked.  They didn't give up.  They persevered.  They didn't let failure stop them.  Examples abound of this tenacity, including Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Edison, and many others.

It is easy for us to sit and be comfortable with the way things are in our project organizations.  Let me encourage you to pursue ideas.  Pursue ideas that can take you to new places as an organization, as a department, as a person.  And don't give up.  Make it a lifelong pursuit of pursuing new ideas.  And see what happens.



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