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An Overlooked Project Management Tool

IStock_000012259812_web Continuing on the theme of non-software tools for project management, it came to mind that there is one tool that all of us have, all of us use (hopefully), and all of us need to nurture.  And that is...our brain.  Now that sounds like an introduction to a third grade science class, but it is true.  We all have to make good decisions, remember things, stay attentive, and solve problems.  A good software tool will support those functions, but no software tool will ever replace those functions.  It only makes sense to develop our minds to be effective tools in our project management roles.

Here are some things that I thought of to help us in that endeavour:

Taking care of ourselves physically (this does nothing but help the brain):

  • Eat right
  • Don't drink too much
  • Get plenty of exercise
  • Eat breakfast (supposedly good for brain power)

Pushing ourselves mentally:

  • Put ourselves in situations where we have to exercise our brain, such as problem solving situations
  • Continually educate ourselves
  • Work on our memory
  • Develop relationships with others that can challenge and push us to think differently
  • Develop other hobbies and activities that provide our brain with new and other ways of thinking and analysis.

I even found a website called Headstrong that produces games to help you sharpen your brain skills, such as memory, attentiveness, problem solving, etc.  You can check it out at https://www.headstrongbrain.com.

At the risk of sounding like a third grade science teacher (yes, I have a third grader), I am after using every tool at our disposal to become great project managers.  If we can work at making better decisions, solving problems more quickly and effectively, and remembering more, we will be that much more effective.




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