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What is Truth?

IStock_000001717253_web Truth is defined as the true  or actual state of a matter; conformity with fact or reality; a verified or indisputable fact, proposition, principle, or the like.  Here is a question for you.  Do our project management software tools (whether high-end, low-end, spreadsheets, or whatever) reflect truth?  And if not, what is needed for them to reflect truth?

I would say that most tools do not reflect truth.  They simply reflect whatever was entered into the system, which may be true or not.  One of the primary objectives when implementing any type of project management software system is to ensure that what is there is true.  Otherwise, it is not useful.  Is this easy to do?  No, it is hard.  Is it worth it?  Only you can answer that.  What is the value of being able to, at any point in time, look at information, know that it is accurate, and be able to make a good decision on the spot?

What are some ways that you believe are necessary to ensure that what is displayed is true?  Comment or send them to blog@teaminteractions.com.



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Any system that you design can probably be abused by an enterprising individual. However, I think the best way to get any system to reflect the truth is to hold people accountable to it. And, if there is a way to tie some sort of reward to it (money or time off or whatever) that helps as well. Whether there are rewards tied to it or not, making it public is very important. If others - peers or managers - can see the information and agree/disagree that it is accurate, the system becomes more truthful.

Good points Collin (sorry I was out for a couple of days). I agree that a system needs to be public, without information being "hidden." Otherwise, what is the point? Do you think there is a flip side of this? Namely, if it is public do you think there is a notion to only put information in that makes the submitter look good?

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