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5 Fresh Ideas To Implement Project Management Software Accountability

IStock_000000314312_web Here we go again...talking about accountability.  After my last post on mistakes you may be making right now with your project management software, I got to thinking about accountability.  Accountability is so important, yet frowned upon.  People are afraid to implement accountability.  Yet you cannot implement your strategic objectives without accountability.  I began to think of some new ways that we can implement accountability to be sure that people are using our project management software tools effectively (although these could be applied to any project management area).  Here are five ideas.

1.  Reward People

Accountability does not have to always be negative - i.e. you did not do this.  Turn it around.  Reward people who have done what you asked them to do.  Give them a certificate.  Praise them in front of their peers.  Give them recognition.  Let them go home 2 hours early on Friday.

2.  Hold a Contest

A manufacturing company that I worked for in the 90's went through an ISO 9001 certification process.  They held a contest.  If you were "caught" following the new quality processes that were being put in place, you received an "ISO buck."  These "ISO bucks" could be put into a bin.  At the end of the "push phase", these "bucks" would be randomly selected for prizes.  It worked.  Of course, in the interest of disclosure I do have to admit that I won a very nice bbq grill.

3.  Thank Them

This is so simple we overlook it.  How about a simple thank you?  Just say thank you to someone who did what you asked them to do.  They will appreciate it, especially if it is sincere.

4.  Do Something For Them

They did something for you.  This is not a quid pro quo, but it doesn't hurt to look for ways that you could reciprocate.  Perhaps you could give them time to express an idea, help them with a report they are producing, or remove a roadblock for them.

5.  Ask Their Advice

Ask them what they think about the new tool or process and how they would make it better.  Ask them their thoughts on advice on something unrelated.  And mean it.  They will appreciate that you sincerely covet their thoughts.


This all is not to say that you can get away with only doing these.  I do believe there has to be real accountability in terms of when people consistently do not do something.  But try two of these and see if it doesn't have a positive impact on your accountability efforts.



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These tipa are really great for successful management, thanks a lot

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