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Project Management and Cloud Computing

This must be the week to share with you insight from other's blog posts because I have another one for you.  Cloud computing is another one of those "hot terms."  It simply refers to delivering hosted services over the Internet.  From a project management software tools perspective, cloud computing has certainly caught on as a way to scale project management software tools within an organization easily.  But how do project management and cloud computing really interact?  What are the benefits of cloud computing for project management?

Enter a blog post that I read on allPM.com by AndrĂ©s Cuevas Ortega.  Andres talks about this very subject, including the benefits of cloud computing from project management perspective.  From my perspective, cloud computing is simply another tool that can work well when integrated with proper project management discipline, as Andres also states.

Read the blog post here.  I believe we will all learn something.



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Yesterday, one of our friends at Microsoft, Hector Linares, posted a blog that ties the two of these together.

Thanks. Do you have a link to the post?

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I talk about this very subject, including the benefits of cloud computing from project management perspective.

Some of the major functions of project management community are reporting, planning, managing project life cycles and making effective delivery of projects. Thus, they need to make sure about the time management, effective planning and decision making to carry out these roles. The IT tools remained inseparable part of project management for long time in terms of supporting those roles and it has further been proved that cloud computing would able these organizations to enhance their functions in terms of flexibility, speed and consistency.

Project management with cloud computing is great term for the developing more reliable project and making our system more powerful with help of those softwares.

Thus, they need to make sure about the time management Hector Linares, posted a blog that ties the two of these together. The IT tools remained inseparable part

Cloud computing is one of the most important updates in the field of technology. It is here to stay and is likely to take the businesses to newer heights.

You said that cloud computing was a 'hot term' in 2011, and now everyone realises that it has got hotter since then. Basically, most electronic services are being hosted and provided over the Internet. The most popular nowadays is storage, where the user need not buy external hard drives or flash drives to transfer files from one device to another, but the information is stored in the 'cloud'. This also applies to backup services, which ensure that data is kept away from the premises in a safer place.

For a business we can easily predict the importance of cloud computing and project management. A project management simply includes the process of planning, performing and some other tasks. Cloud computing may help the project management by giving the appropriate management of the plans you are looking for.

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