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Video Training

I mentioned in the last post (actually in several posts) about the importance of continual, process-oriented training in the implementation of your project management software.  This can be done through brown bag lunch sessions, one-on-one sessions, formal training classes, and other methods.  But it does not always need to be you performing the instruction.  Producing short, focused videos is a great way of doing this.  There are tools that make it easy to capture screenshots (or screencasts) and quickly turn that into a video.  The video does not need to be exceptional, just functional, relevant, and fairly short.  You do not even need to have narration on the video, you can simply have text "boxes" describing what to do.

The advantage of this is that you could develop, over time, a library of short videos on your key processes such as:

  • How to Create a Project
  • How to Update your Time
  • How to Upload, Find, or View a Document
  • How to Run Projected Resource Reports

There are a couple of tools that I have personally used to create videos such as these:

Camtasia is more full featured and more money, but is a slick tool.  BB Flashback is a great tool if you just want to create a simple video with text callouts from basic screenshots.

Of course there are many other tools and you may already have a tool.  You could easily just create a Powerpoint presentation with screenshots of the key steps in your process.

You do not need to create a lot of videos right away, I would go with the long-term approach.  Create one video a week.  You will have all of the videos that you really need to support your project management software implementation before you know it.



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