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Another Reason to Build a Good Work Breakdown Structure

I have not forgotten part two of using Excel for issue tracking in project management.  But I wanted to briefly forward another reason to build a good WBS, with whatever tools you have.

Glen Alleman writes a project management blog called Herding Cats.  I have recently been following his posts.  He comes from a different perspective from some of us.  Specifically he comes from a more defense / government sector perspective where project management has to be more formalized because of the complexity and budgets of the projects.  Many of us are more informal in our project management approaches.  We have some things to learn and put in practice that work.

In Glen's post, The WBS is Our Friend, he writes how the WBS can be used as a tool to know when a project is "DONE".  Read it and you have another reason to not skip or short-change the WBS process.


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To reduce the friction and improve coordination among the various departments that need to work together, communication is vitally important. Periodic meetings and resolution of problems that a project may face, need to be effectively dealt with through communication. So it's essential that proper communication channels be created for feedback among hierarchical levels. This will speed up the project development and reduce delays that occur due to non-coordination.

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