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Accountability and Objectives

Why do organizations look at project management software? What are the issues or problems that cause them to evaluate project management software systems and how do these apply to you? That is the focus of our recent blog entries.

I would like to use this post to talk about accountability and objectives. Organizations seem to struggle with setting objectives, and more importantly tracking to those objectives and holding people accountable to those objectives. Is this something that your organization struggles with? The public sector tends to rely heavily on objectives so this is especially important to them.

How does project management software play into this? Well, it is not good enough to simply set objectives. There needs to be work involved to meet these objectives. Often times this work comes in the form of projects. Projects or initiatives are launched to meet the objectives that an organization has set. These projects or initiatives must be executed well, follow good project management principles, and be monitored and tracked. That is where project management software comes in.

A good project management software system will allow you to track the objectives and goals that your organization set. Projects can then be tied to these objectives and goals. Reporting can be done based on these objectives and goals. This allows a manager / director / executive to constantly track the progress of projects that impact the achievement of each objective.

In addition, accountability is very important. If progress on these projects is not being tracked, then the old adage "what gets measured gets done" holds true. You need to track the important things and hold people accountable for the work and entering in status information, otherwise all of this is mute. A good project management software system facilitates this process and makes it easier, not harder.

If you are struggling with setting and tracking objectives, consider these tips for using project management software to facilitate the process:

1) Track your objectives right in your project management software system.

2) Associate your projects with objectives.

3) Routinely track the progress of these objectives and underlying projects - make sure that people are working on the right projects and entering in the right information.

4) Be sure that people know expectations - what is being measured (then follow through).

5) Don't ask people to track things that you aren't really going to use. People can see right through that.

6) Keep things simple at first.

7) Incorporate this in everything that you do. When you are in a meeting, pull up the objectives and project lists. Over time you want to incorporate this into your culture.

Again, project management software is not going to solve this problem, but it can be a good tool to help facilitate value-added management of an organization's objectives.


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